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SPH-850 warm air blower series
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Fuel heater unit sph-850
  Core parts all use Japan imported accessories
The product has covered the Japan market. Within a few years
  The characteristics
  The industrial fuel heater unit is the equipment that generate hot wind with kerosene as fuel for heating. This product has the characteristics of handiness, lightness, small volume, light weight, strong power of hot wind, convenience of operation, safety and reliability, low consumption of electricity and oil. It is applicable in the heating in places such as factories, workshops etc. without conditioners. There are six kinds of safety equipments in this machine vibration sensing automatic stop equipment, flame monitoring equipment, overload protection equipment, overheating protection equipment, power cut safety equipment and oil shortage sensing equipment.
Vibration sensing automatic stop equipment
Flame monitoring equipment
Overload protection equipment
Overheating protection equipment
Power cut safety equipment
Oil shortage sensing equipment
The wind vent can be adjusted upward and downward in 17°range.
  This kind of machine has two items of parents in China .
Model SPH-850
Power source 220V 100V
Frequency 50Hz 50/60Hz
Input power 40W
Types Direct fire hot wind type and magnetic pump pulverization type
Ignition manner High voltage discharging and ignition
Applied fuel Kerosene
Consumptio of fuel oil 0.72kg/h(0.91L/h)
Volume of the oil tank 11L
Combustion duration 10 hours
Heat output 8.8Kw(7600Kcal/h)
Outside dimensions W540×D260×H475
Weight 13kg
Packing quantity 672 sets/40’、320 sets/20’



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